Information on Fishing in Colorado

Information on Fishing in Colorado
Fishing in Colorado can be enjoyed year-round, with or without a boat. Most public water sources are tested and patrolled regularly by the Department of Natural Resources to ensure a safe and healthy environment for both humans and fish.


Colorado has what is called a "Gold Medal" area of streams and hot spots. This area has over 168 miles of managed water in which trout are replenished to ensure successful growth and reproduction. There are also nearly two dozen hatcheries throughout the state that provide additional fishing resources.


Colorado generally doesn't have rough waters except for rapid and whitewater areas, so a standard freshwater fishing boat is all that is needed. Choices include aluminum boats, bass boats, cruisers, deck boats and pontoons. The state has a system of mandatory inspections of out-of-state boats for nuisance species such as zebra mussels.


A valid fishing license is required to fish the 2,000 lakes and 6,000 miles of streams in Colorado. Licenses can be ordered online through the Colorado Division of Wildlife website or by visiting a participating licensing agent.


Gear needed for most Colorado fishing would be a personal flotation device, rod, reel, line, bait, fishing or wading boots, nets and a navigational system.


Ice fishing can be enjoyed in Colorado from December through February in many locations. The remainder of the year, when the lakes are thawed, it's possible to catch rainbow trout, lake trout, Kokanee salmon, mountain whitefish, grayling, walleye, yellow perch, largemouth bass, black crappie, bluegill and many more.

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