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  • Where Do Perching Birds Live?

    Where Do Perching Birds Live?
    Perching birds or Passerine are also considered song birds and can be found in most warm locations throughout the world. Perching birds make up for more than half of all the bird species on Earth.


    Passerine is the largest order of birds. Acanthisitti, Tyranni and Passeri are the three main suborders of perching birds. The Passerine can be found in northern regions, but they migrate to the south during the winter months.



    The feet of the perching bird are all relatively the same because of their ability to perch and rest in trees and brush. Their toes are pointed in a forward fashion with one facing the opposite direction. Their tendons and muscles are designed to grip a perch for stability.


    Most perching birds hatch and keep their colored eggs in nests in high trees and bushes to protect from flooding and predators.

    Low-Lying Areas

    Perching birds do not nest directly on the ground but utilize low-lying areas such as desert shrubs, scrub lands and urban bushes to create their nests. Some perching birds can also be found living in barns, or within the eaves on homes or buildings.


    Most perching birds are arboreal and therefore live in trees, generally 5 feet or more above ground level. They stay close to their nests except when mating and during food exploration.


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