Backpack Harness for Dogs

Backpack Harness for Dogs
Much like the harness used for guiding or instructing a dog, a canine backpack harness should have similar support, comfort and stability. Dog backpacks are useful because the dog can carry additional supplies that would otherwise be transported in the person's backpack.


A dog backpack harness is used for carrying loads on the back of a canine, including bottled water, rain gear, food and small navigational aids, on camping, hiking, and search-and-rescue expeditions. Backpack harnesses for dogs can also support everyday items such as books, cell phones or keys. They can be used to carry training needs or dog toys such as tennis balls and chew toys. As a rule of a thumb, no dog should carry more than 15 percent of total body weight.


Types of Harnesses

A jacket-style backpack harness is popular for cold-weather traveling and provides rain or weather protection and extra pockets for storage. A standard backpack harness should fit snugly over the back of the dog without slipping or shifting similar to a saddlebag style. Quick-release harness are essential in cases where the dog doesn't like to hold still during the loading process. Many have chest straps or belly straps in either fabric or mesh.


Backpack material is generally nylon or mesh with reinforced fabric for cushion and support. Zippers, D-rings and lash tabs are used to create the harness straps and the backpack.


Generally backpack harnesses are created for medium- to large-sized dogs between 45 and 100 pounds in weight, but there are also smaller sizes (under 25 pounds) for little dogs.

Types of Dogs

Some of the most popular dogs using backpack harnesses are Siberian Huskies, Beagles, German Shepherd Dogs and many others in the American Kennel Club working, sporting and terrier groups.


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