About Triathlons

About Triathlons
A triathlon is an endurance sport that involves a series of three athletic activities: swimming, running and biking. Several competitors compete for the best overall time with the three sports. Most triathlons are based on Olympic times---with some slight variations on exact timing.


The first triathlon event took place in 1974. It was organized by the San Diego Track Club. The sport was also a part of the Sydney Olympic games in 2000.


One part of the triathlon is the swimming event. Athletes must swim for approximately 1500 meters. There can be anywhere from two to 20 or more competitors. Most swimming occurs in a mandated large pond or lake and all results are timed and recorded.


Running is one of the parts of the triathlon. Ten km is generally the distance that is run in most semiprofessional and professional venues.


Biking is an important key element in a triathlon. Bikers must wear numbers and colors that identify them as they cycle to complete their 40km bike stretch.


Triathlons fall into several categories. Some can be determined by age--kids and teens compete in one while adults compete in another. Weight can also be a category---Clydesdale is considered any man over 200 pounds and an Athena is any woman over 150 pounds.

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