About Solar-Powered Camping Equipment

About Solar-Powered Camping EquipmentBack country and primitive site camping means doing without an electrical hook-up. However, long-term camping trips and remote cabins often need a few electrical devices, which is where having solar-powered equipment comes in handy.

Solar Radios

While most people think of this as an entertainment tool, having a radio with a reliable solar power supply allows you to get regular weather reports. That can be critical if camping in remote areas for activities like mountaineering.

Solar Flashlights

Flashlights are essential when camping, and having one that can charge on sunlight through the day means not having to bring any backup batteries. This is useful to cavers who are on a cave-mapping expedition and need to spend days camped near the new cave.

Solar Lanterns

Similar to flashlights, these eliminate the need to bring even bulkier batteries or fuel.

Solar Battery Chargers

Camping solar-battery chargers are lightweight and take up little space. Konarka, for example, has a roll-up charger that is stored in a tube, and there are a variety of backpack-mounted chargers.

Solar Showers

There are a variety of solar shower products that use the sun to heat water. They range from simple bags that can be hung from a tree to collapsabile tent-style showers.

Solar Cookers

Solar ovens and cookers are good substitutes for campfires and camp stoves. They can be used in places where fires are banned or where firewood or other fuel is unavailable. Unlike camp stoves there are no bulky fuel cans to pack.

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