Northern Pike Information

Northern Pike Information
According to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission website, the northern pike is one a select few species of fish that lives in both North America and in Eurasia. The northern pike favors the cold waters of Canada and the northern states and its aggressive disposition makes it a valued game fish in the United States.


Some northern pike may attain sizes of more than 40 inches long and weigh in the range of 20 lbs. Northern pike have the ability to live for as long as 25 years.



The northern pike has an elongated body and a flat snout. The sides and the back of the pike are a shade of green, the underparts white and the pike has numerous oval spots of different colors on its body.


Rivers and streams with extensive weed growth are places where northern pike will exist. The species is at home in the shallows of large ponds and lakes where vegetation provides cover to hunt in.


Newborn pike that hatch from their mother's eggs are able to hunt in as little as two weeks. The diet of the northern pike consists of creatures such as other fish, insects, mice, aquatic birds, snails, tadpoles and frogs.


The northern pike is a favorite of ice anglers, who tempt the fish into biting with large shiners rigged beneath devices called tip-ups. The pike has rows of very sharp teeth, making it important to handle the fish with care when you catch it.


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