Vacation Information About the Grand Canyon

Vacation Information About the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is an internationally famous outdoor tourist destination. Every year, millions visit it for hiking, rafting, mule trips or to simply take in its grandeur.


Grand Canyon National Park is located in the northwestern corner of Arizona. The south rim is reached by Interstate 40, and the north rim by Interstate 15.



The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and is 18 miles wide at its maximum. Its deepest point is 6,000 vertical feet.


It is wrongly thought by many that the Grand Canyon is the world's largest. The Copper Canyon of Mexico is actually substantially longer, and it has both wider and deeper points.


There are a wide variety of long-distance and day trails in the national park, and few of them are considered easy. The demanding trails usually come as a surprise, even to veteran hikers.

Mule and River Trips

The park is also home to mule and river trips, offering a range of packages from day trips to overnights that can extend up to 25 days.


Both rims have campgrounds with entirely separate facilities for tent campers and those with RVs. Backcountry camping is also permitted, but requires a permit issued at the Backcountry Information Center.


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