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  • Facts About Copper Canyon, Mexico

    The Copper Canyon is one of Mexico's great natural wonders, and is very close to the American border. That combination makes it one of the country's top outdoor attractions.
    Facts About Copper Canyon, Mexico


    The canyon is in the southwest of the north-central Mexican state of Chihuahua, just across the border from New Mexico and Texas.



    The Copper Canyon is actually six distinct canyons that form a single network. Each canyon has its own river in the canyon floor, all of which merge into the Rio Fuerte.


    Taken as a singular unit, the Copper Canyon greatly outsizes the Grand Canyon of Arizona. Depending on what statistics are used, the canyon is between four and seven times bigger than its American counterpart.


    A sign that the canyon is much larger than the Grand Canyon is its two distinct climactic zones. The rim of the canyon is alpine, while the lower parts are subtropical.


    The famed Chihuahua-Pacific Railway (Chepe) runs through the canyons. Making its way through the rugged terrain takes the train over more than 30 major bridges and through almost 100 tunnels.


    With so many rivers, the canyon is very well-watered, which is the origin of its name. The "copper" makes an analogy between the corroded greenish color of copper and the canyon's coat of green.

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