About Snowboarding Boots & Bindings

About Snowboarding Boots & Bindings
There are three main pieces of snowboarding gear: snowboard, bindings and boots. Bindings and boots work closely together to give the rider full control over the snowboard. They are essential to turning, stopping and maneuvering the snowboard.


Boots and bindings work closely together to allow you to effectively move the snowboard. The boots fit snugly around your feet, and the bindings, which are screwed onto the snowboard, wrap tightly around your boots.


Fit is the most important aspect of snowboarding boots and bindings. The boots need to be fitted to the rider and should be tight around the feet without causing discomfort. Bindings, in turn, need to fit the boots properly and fully secure the boots into place.


Bindings and boots come in several different styles, largely designated by how flexible or stiff each is. Bindings and boots that are ideal for park, pipe and jibbing are on the softer side, while those designed for freeride are stiffer to provide quicker response and more stability at higher speeds.


Bindings come in two primary types: strap and rear entry. The main feature distinguishing boots is the lacing system, which can be regular boot laces, one-pull speed lacing or Boa cable lacing.


Always be sure that your boots and bindings are compatible before purchasing new equipment. Check that the boots fit comfortably into the baseplate and also that the straps of the binding secure the boot.

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