About Copper Canyon

About Copper Canyon
In the minds of many experts the Copper Canyon eclipses Arizona's Grand Canyon. One of the great natural wonders of Mexico, it is a truly awe-inspiring destination and is home to Native Americans and a rail line that stands as something of a marvel in its own right.


The Copper Canyon is located in the southwestern region of the state of Chihuahua. Chihuahua, in turn, is in northern Mexico and borders the American states of Texas and New Mexico.


The Canyon is really a set of six separate canyons, formed by six rivers that all come together as the Rio Fuerte.


Taken as a whole unit, the Copper Canyon is actually larger and deeper than the American Grand Canyon. It has been described as being between four and seven times bigger depending on the terms of measurement.

Native Americans

The canyon area is still home to a substantial Native American community, including the Tarahumaras. It is an engineering marvel, passing over three dozen bridges and under more than 80 tunnels.


The depth of the canyon system creates two distinct climactic zones. The lower regions of the canyons are sub-tropical, while the rim is alpine.


The famous and scenic Chihuahua-Pacific Railway ("Chepe") runs through the canyon.

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