About Running Apparel for Women

About Running Apparel for Women
Women's running apparel is no longer just shorts borrowed from the guys. Modern fabrics keep the runner comfortable in all weather conditions. A quality technical wardrobe helps the female athlete put on a winning performance.


Early in organized women's running, participants merely wore what they had on hand and what was socially acceptable. It wasn't until the late 1970's that the first running bra was invented.



Modern running apparel for women uses moisture-wicking fabrics to draw moisture from the skin and evaporate it on the outer layers, keeping the runner dry and comfortable.


Typical women's running wear is running shorts, a tank top or T-shirt, and a running bra or tank top. Running tights, capris, long-sleeved shirts and jackets are ideal for colder weather.


Some features of women's running wear are shorts and tops with hidden pockets for keys, energy gels and iPods. Some running bras have a pocket for heart rate monitor straps.


Women's running wear is designed for a woman's body so it fits well and does not chafe, while keeping her cool and dry.


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