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  • Virginia State Bicycle Safety Laws

    Virginia State Bicycle Safety Laws
    Bikers in Virginia must follow laws put forth by the Virgina Department of Transportation. Biking laws and regulations in Virginia are similar to those for motorists, with additional regulations on the equipment, signals, and cargo.


    Virginia defines bikes as devices that are powered solely by human power, with two or more wheels, including those which a person may ride on or beside "in tandem."


    Bikers must signal each right and left turn and also signal before stopping in traffic using standard signals. Standard signals are performed with the left arm, except for a right turn which may also be performed with the right arm.

    Road Regulations

    Bicyclists are not allowed to ride on highways and interstates unless the road is specifically for cyclists only. Bicyclists are allowed to ride on sidewalks unless otherwise noted.


    Bicyclists are not allowed to wear earphones or carry anything that obstructs them from holding both handlebars when riding.


    Brakes are required on each bicycle. Night bicyclists must have at least one white headlight which is visible from 500 feet in front of the bike. Rear red reflectors are required so that bicyclists are visible 600 feet from the rear.


    Helmets are not required by state law. However, many Virginia counties and municipalities do require them.

    Article Written By Stephanie D

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