Facts About Insects in Mexico

Facts About Insects in Mexico
There are a wide variety of insects in Mexico. Some of their activities, such as the spectacular migration of monarch butterflies, are popular tourist attractions. Others, like grasshoppers and so-called maguey worms, might end up as lunch.

Monarch Migration

Monarch butterflies living east of the Rocky Mountains migrate south to high mountain forests in Mexico every fall. The tiny monarchs average about 50 miles per day, although they may fly as many as 80 miles in a long day.

Killer Bees

Africanized or so-called killer bees colonized Mexico in the late 1980s, lowering honey production for commercial beekeepers.


Mosquitoes in some areas of Mexico are known to carry malaria or dengue fever. The best way to avoid getting these diseases is to avoid being bit by mosquitoes; use mosquito repellent and mosquito netting.


Grasshoppers, eaten with the legs intact, are a common food in Mexico. They may be found for sale in markets and restaurants.

Maguey Worms Not Actually Worms

Although known as maguey worms or gusanos de maguey, these worms are actually caterpillars and are a popular traditional food available in Mexican restaurants

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