Reasons to Wear a Bicycle Helmet

Reasons to Wear a Bicycle Helmet
Despite the fact that they aren't going to win you any fashion awards, plenty of good reasons exist to wear a bike helmet.

Life Savers

Bike helmets save lives. Riders who are not wearing a helmet are 14 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than riders wearing one, the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute (BHSI) states. Bike helmets can also prevent from 45 to 88 percent of brain injuries in cyclists, BHSI states.


Bicycle helmets can range from less than $20 to more than $100, but the good news is that cheap ones are just as safe as expensive ones. A study sanctioned by the BHSI found that three helmets under $20 performed almost identically to three helmets that were more than $150 in impact tests.


Bicycle helmets can meet various riding needs. For instance, a mountain bike helmet will usually have a visor to shield the sun since the rider sits more upright. A road helmet is built with aerodynamics and speed in mind. A full-face mountain bike helmet offers extra protection for downhill mountain biking.


Not wearing a bicycle helmet could be illegal. As of Jan. 1, 2010, 22 state laws and at least 192 local laws mandate that some segment of the population, often children, wear bicycle helmets, the BHSI states.


Bicycle helmets are made especially for cycling. Thus, you should choose a helmet specifically for cycling and not use a helmet designed for another sport. "Even the best helmets are not able to protect against every blow," the BHSI says. "For maximum protection they have to be optimized for the type of blow you expect."

Article Written By Shane Farver

Shane Farver is a former newspaper reporter looking to immerse himself in freelance writing. Farver's interests lie particularly in writing about the outdoors and recreation, but he has a solid background of writing about politics, crime, and military issues. Being a former college instructor, he also enjoy writing pedagogical articles.

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