Norwegian Cruise Line Information

Norwegian Cruise Line Information
Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) is one of the largest cruise lines in the world. NCL is best known for its "freestyle cruising" which relaxes dress codes, entertainment and dining choices.


NCL was started in 1966 by Norwegian shippers Knut Kloster and Ted Arison. The company started with just one ship. It was originally named Norwegian Caribbean Lines.


Freestyle cruising was introduced in 2000 by NCL and has been so successful that many other cruise lines have copied the concept.


NCL is in the process of getting rid of all of its old ships and equipping its fleet with ships designed specifically for freestyle cruising.


NCL is the only cruise line that offers year-round Hawaiian cruises, and one of the only lines that offers multiple U.S. departure cities. Cities with ports include Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle and Baltimore.


NCL's newest ships offer many amenities not found on other cruise ships. These amenities include on-board bowling alleys, interconnecting cabins and Champagne and martini bars.

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