Redwood Forest Facts

Redwood Forest Facts
The redwood's great size and majesty make it one of the world's most striking trees. In turn that makes the parks protecting so much of the redwoods into places that capture imaginations around the word. A place so full of natural wonder as the redwood forest is difficult to know in detail, but some general facts about it can prove useful to visitors.


The coastal redwood species is enormous, and the tallest tree species on earth. It is not uncommon to see trees of this type between 200 and 300 feet high, with the bark alone being a foot thick.

The Biggest

The biggest known redwood is 379 feet tall and named "Hyperion."


There are a number of redwood trees that are known to exceed 600 years of age, and the oldest known example is over 2,200 years old.

The Parks

Forty-five percent of the old-growth redwoods are encompassed in a network of California State Parks, plus the Redwood National Park. This covers a mammoth area of roughly 206 square miles.


The forest is home to a large variety of animals, including different types of owls, the bald eagle, bobcats, mountain lions, black bears, deer, elk, coyote, bats and a wide variety of rodents.


In 2007, the national park received over 385,000 visitors.

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