About Gorges

About Gorges
Gorges are cuts between two rock faces through which water flows. Most gorges are formed throughout thousands of years of erosion. Many gorges throughout the world are popular tourist destinations.

Columbia River Gorge

At the boundary between Washington and Oregon lies the Columbia River Gorge, an infamous site that is home to numerous concerts every year. This gorge has federally protected status as a National Scenic Area called the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area and is frequently visited by tourists.

New River Gorge

Located in the Appalachian Mountains of southern West Virginia is the New River Gorge. It is well known for its abundance of whitewater rafting and intense climbing. Outdoor enthusiasts frequent this gorge every year for its beautiful landforms.

Red River Gorge

In east-central Kentucky in the Daniel Boone National Forest is the Red River Gorge. Designated as a national natural landmark, it's a well-traveled attraction in the state for its views of sandstone cliffs, bridges and waterfalls.

Pine Creek Gorge

Known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, Pine Creek Gorge is located in the Tioga State Forest beginning in Ansonia. Pine Creek Rail Trail is a public path that stretches along the entire length. Most recreational trails can be found on the western edge.

Royal Gorge

In Colorado on the Arkansas River near Canon City is the Royal Gorge. This gorge offers a particular jagged shape not found in larger canyons. It is also one of the deepest gorges in the state.

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