Origins of Snowboards

Origins of Snowboards
Snowboarding is one of the most popular winter sports in the world; however, the history of the sport is relatively unknown. There are many interesting facts about its origins and how a strange device slowly developed into the modern-day snowboard.

The First to Snowboard

In 1929, M.J. "Jack" Burchett tied his feet to a plank of plywood with horse reins and some clotheslines.


The Snurfer

In 1965, Sherman Poppen fastened two skis together with a rope handle tied to the front. The device, deemed "The Snurfer," sold over 500,000 units in 1966.

Jake Burton

Burton was a participant in one of Poppen's surfer competitions. He became so enthralled with the snowboard that he began to experiment with its design.

The Winterstick

In 1969, Dimitrije Milovich discovered his snowboard version after riding a cafeteria tray down a hillside. Throughout the 1970s, he brought attention to his Winterstick, but didn't make any improvements on its design.

A Childhood Memory Revisited

In 1977, Jack Burton moved to Vermont in order to make a profit from The Snurfer; during this time, he invented the first bindings, and also introduced ski technology to the snowboard. Today, Burton is a trusted manufacturer of premium snowboarding equipment.


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