What Is a Cuttlefish?

What Is a Cuttlefish?The cuttlefish is a member of the same group of sea creatures as squids and octopi. It excels in camouflaging itself, allowing it to capture its prey and devour it.


The cuttlefish somewhat resembles the octopus in that it has eight arms. Differences include a pair or retractable tentacles that it uses to grab its prey and a mantle area above its eyes in which most of its organs exist.



Cuttlefish can change color due to different structures in its skin that contain colored inks. These inks combine to create patterns on the cuttlefish's body that allow it to blend into its environment.


Mollusks like the cuttlefish have a cuttlebone, an inside shell composed of calcium carbonate with which the creature can regulate its own buoyancy.


Fish and crustaceans like crabs are the prey of the cuttlefish, which sneak up on the prey unseen due to its coloration before sending out their long tentacles. These tentacles have suckers on their wide ends with which they hold their victim.

Fun Fact

The predators of the cuttlefish include large fish like swordfish and sharks.

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