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  • Tennessee SCUBA Certification

    Tennessee SCUBA Certification
    Obtaining scuba certification is easy and fun. Most people who know how to swim and are in reasonably good health can learn to scuba dive over the course of one or two weekends. There are several options in Tennessee for you to choose from.

    Certificatioin Organizations

    There are several organizations with worldwide recognition that provide training standards for individual schools. PADI, NAUI and SSI are three of the more popular in the United States. Certification from one or more organization will generally be valid between organizations, throughout the United States and around the world.

    PADI Certification

    Among the scuba instruction schools north east of Nashville is Scuba Adventures. Using the PADI instruction method, Scuba Adventures offers multiple levels of certification.

    Scuba Adventures
    101 Old Shackle Island Road
    Hendersonville, TN 37075
    (615) 826-1725

    NAUI Certification

    In the southeastern Tennessee city of Cleveland is Quick's Diving Services. Because Quick's is affiliated with NAUI, your certification will be recognized worldwide.

    Quick's Diving Services
    1042 Cedar Springs Road SE
    Cleveland, TN 37323
    (423) 338-2683

    SSI Certificatioin

    Located in Nashville, Blue Water Scuba is affiliated with Scuba Schools International. They offer certification over the course of four days.

    Blue Water Scuba
    103 White Bridge Road, Suite 4
    Nashville, TN 37209
    (615) 356-9340

    Online Learning

    If you don't live near a school, but still want to get certified you have options. Using PADI's e-learning option, you can do your bookwork on-line from home. Then once you have completed the classroom learning, be referred to location world wide to complete your in the water work.


    Article Written By Diane Hansen

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