Facts About Mountains in Mexico

Facts About Mountains in Mexico
Mexico might not be thought of as a place to go for mountains, which is odd considering the megalopolis capital of Mexico City sits in the bottom of a bowl made of mountains. There are a variety of peaks over 12,000 feet, including some of the world's more noteworthy volcanoes and popular destinations.

Highest Peak

Pico de Orizaba is the highest mountain in Mexico, and the third highest in North America. Its peak is at 18,490 feet above sea level.

Most Active Volcano

Nevado de Colima is Mexico's most recently active volcanic mountain. Standing 14,206 feet tall, it started rumbling in 2001 and has continued to erupt periodically ever since.

Pico del Aguila

Pico del Aguila is located south of Mexico City and is a popular hiking destination. At 12,776 feet, its heights make for a great view of Mexico City on rare smog-less nights.

El Jorullo

El Jorullo is one of two mountains in Mexico born in modern times. The mountain began in a cornfield as a volcanic eruption that lasted from 1759 until 1774, resulting in today's 4,364-foot peak.


Iztacchuatl has four peaks that are usually described as depicting a sleeping woman. Its highest peak is at 17,159 feet, and its lowest peak is still high enough to have a permanent glacier.

Sierra Negra

The little sister of Pico del Aguila, Sierra Negra, is noteworthy for being home to the Large Millimeter Telescope, one of the world's best radio telescopes.

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