What Are the Contents of a Tackle Box?

What Are the Contents of a Tackle Box?
The contents of an angler's tackle box is typically dependent on the species of fish he or she normally targets but nearly all tackle boxes will contain many similar items no matter what the fisherman's preference is. These items come in the form of various tackle that every individual will require while fishing as well as tools that are used over and over again.


Common fishing tools found in a tackle box include small pliers, line clippers, a fishing scale, a tape measure and a hook sharpener. There may be hook removing tools and a stringer to attach fish to during the outing as well.


Tackle such as fish hooks, snaps, swivels, weights, sinkers, bobbers and a spool of fishing line is likely to be in most tackle boxes.


Artificial lures will always be an important part of a tackle box's contents; plastic worms, spinnerbaits, crank baits, buzz baits, surface plugs, flies, poppers and spoons are just some of these choices.

Ice fishing

The ice fisherman's tackle box might have such items as hand warmers, wire leaders, braided ice fishing line, ice jigs and minnow nets which are specific to that winter activity.

Expert Insight

It is prudent for all anglers to carry some kind of first aid kit in the tackle box to deal with the potential cuts, scrapes and other injuries that can occur while fishing.

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