Kayak & Canoe Fishing

Kayak & Canoe Fishing
For a quiet and relaxed fishing experience, grab a kayak or canoe and head to those marshy, lowland areas where motorboats can't get to but fish love.

Getting Started

The best and most cost-effective way to decide if kayak/canoe fishing is for you is to rent the boat first and head out on the water. Personal flotation devices and paddles will be included.

Boat Types

Canoes, with their deep hulls and open tops, are most often chosen by fishermen who either have a lot of gear or plan on staying out for a number of days camping. Kayaks are best for getting somewhere fast.


Equipment required for both canoe and kayak fishing includes fishing gear, a personal flotation device, paddles, an anchor and safety equipment such as a whistle, emergency kit and cell phone.

Best Water

For safety, the best waters to fish in are shallow rivers, small to moderate-size lakes, and marshes. Large lakes are not off limits, but you should stay close to shore.


Besides fishing in areas not otherwise accessible, kayak/canoe fishing offers lower cost, wildlife viewing, the ability to sneak up on your catch and, of course, exercise.

Article Written By Laurie Roddy

A native of Houston, Laurie Roddy is a freelance outdoor writer with over 25 years writing experience. The main topics that she prefers to write about include hiking, golf, paddling, and traveling. She is a contributing writer for "Cy-Fair Magazine" and writes regularly for several websites. Roddy attended the University of Houston receiving a journalism degree. She has written "60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Houston."

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