Red Robin Bird Information

Red Robin Bird InformationThere are an estimated 320 million robins around the world, according to This perching bird, which is from the thrush family, is also known as the robin red breast. The largest of the North American thrushes, the robin is found throughout the United States and most of Canada.


The back, wings and tail of the robin are grayish and the head is a darker shade. The lower belly is white and the chest is a rusty reddish-orange that gives the bird its name.



The robin inhabits nearly every type of ecosystem within its range; it can live in fields, pastures, the tundra, temperate forests, urban parks, golf courses and mountainous terrain and wilderness regions.

Expert Insight

Under the right conditions a robin can have three broods of young in a single year, but the mortality rate of these young birds is as high as 75 percent.


Robins eat earthworms, snails, insects, sumac berries, juniper berries and other fruits. The bird is known for capturing worms on lawns--hopping about and then stopping, looking and grabbing a worm out of the soil.


It is assumed that all robins head south when the winter months near, but in many northern regions these birds move into the deeper part of the woods and survive on berries, rarely to be seen by human eyes.

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