About Smith Mountain Lake

About Smith Mountain Lake
Smith Mountain Lake is a 20,600 acre, 40 mile long lake in Virginia with 500 miles of shoreline surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is Virginia's most popular lake and offers visitors many recreational opportunities including fishing, boating, water sports and hiking.


Smith Mountain Lake is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in central Virginia approximately a two hour drive north of Raleigh, North Carolina and a four hour drive southwest of Washington, D.C.


Weather in the area averages 41 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 73 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Average annual snowfall is 10 inches and rainfall 43 inches.


Smith Mountain Lake is a man-made lake. In 1960 a hydroelectric dam was constructed on the Roanoke River to create the lake. The Smith Mountain Dam is 227 feet tall and 816 feet wide. Another dam was simultaneously built downstream and water filled in during 1963 and 1966.

What to do

The lake is a haven for all water sports enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy many water activities including fishing, boating, jet skiing, swimming and canoeing. Additionally, the area offers excellent golfing, camping, hunting, hiking and biking activities.

Where to Stay

The area has a variety of accommodations including hotels, motels, vacation home rentals, condo rentals and a convention center. Camping is also available. See helpful list below in resources.

Points of Interest

Visitors can visit the Smith Mountain Lake state park, the Smith Mountain Lake Dam, the Booker T. Washington monument, Blue Ridge Parkway and the National D-day Memorial. More information listed below in resources.

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