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  • Facts About Buzzards

    Facts About Buzzards
    The turkey vulture and the black vulture are referred to as buzzards in the United States despite the fact that these birds of prey are technically not buzzards. Both species have dark feathers, with the turkey vulture possessing a bald red head and the black vulture's head a dark gray and bald as well.


    The turkey vulture is found in every one of the states in the continental U.S. except for Alaska while the black vulture lives primarily in the southeastern portion of the country all the way west to Texas.



    The turkey vulture, also called a turkey buzzard, uses its sense of smell to locate dead carcasses while the black vulture employs its eyesight to do so.


    The larger turkey vulture can win a one on one fight with a black vulture but the black vulture travels in flocks; the outnumbered turkey vulture will yield a carcass to the superior numbers.

    Expert Insight

    Black vultures will frequently flap their wings while in flight but the turkey buzzard is able to go as long as six hours riding rising air currents without flapping its wings once.

    Fun Fact

    The turkey buzzard will actually vomit if threatened, throwing up a horrific smelling bit of undigested meat which can make a predator run off.


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