About Ice Fishing Equipment

About Ice Fishing Equipment
There are many different kinds of ice fishing equipment that anglers employ in those northern states that have winters cold enough to freeze ponds, lakes and coves. This equipment is needed to enable the ice fisherman to be able to make holes in the ice, catch the fish that are in the frigid waters beneath, and do so in a safe manner.


Safety equipment is of the utmost importance and includes devices as life jackets, rope, ice cleats to prevent falls, and a first aid kit.


Manual ice augers or power augers that runs on gas or batteries have very sharp cutting blades which allow the ice fisherman to drill holes as wide as 10 inches in the ice.


Tip-ups are devices that are deployed over a hole drilled in the ice; they come in different forms but all are designed to alert the angler with a flag that goes up in the air when a fish grabs the bait.

Fun Fact

Ice fishing rods, also known as jigging rods, are smallish rods and reels which are used to lower baits such as ice flies, jigs and artificial lures down a hole to attract hungry fish.

Expert Insight

Other equipment includes bait buckets to transport live bait, large ladles to clean out the holes of ice chips, and a tackle box full of standard fishing tackle, and a sturdy sled to get everything on the ice.

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