About Grand Teton National Park

About Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton National Park offers many activities: backcountry camping, hiking, biking, bird-watching, climbing, skiing, snowshoeing and boating, just to name a few. The park is 54 miles long from north to south. Nearby Jackson, Wyoming, makes a good base for visitors who don't wish to camp in the park.


When Grand Teton National Park was established by Congress in 1929, it included only the Teton Range and eight lakes at its base. In 1950 Congress enlarged the park to its current size by including part of Jackson Hole National Monument.


Grand Teton National Park has about 310,000 acres of wilderness, about 100 miles of paved roads and 200 miles of hiking trails.


The most prominent feature of the park is 13,760-foot-high Grand Teton. The park has twelve peaks more than 12,000 feet high, with seven large lakes at their feet as well as more than 100 alpine and backcountry lakes.


Park entry fees range from $5 a day in the winter to $25 per seven days (per vehicle) in the summer. Annual access passes are available starting at $50.


Animals you may encounter in Grand Teton National Park include black and grizzly bears, elk, lynx, mountain lions, wolverines, martens, river otters, mule deer, moose, bison, pronghorn antelope and many rare birds.


The park has six visitor centers or information stations, including one ranger station. The Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center is open year-round, but most of the others open in May and close in September or October.

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