Facts About the Lizard Buzzard

Facts About the Lizard Buzzard
The lizard buzzard is a common bird of prey in Africa. It resembles a hawk much more than a typical buzzard, and it spends much of its time gazing down at the ground for a potential meal from its perches up in tree branches and on telephone poles and wires.


The lizard buzzard is mostly gray, but it does possess a white throat that has a black line running straight up through it from the chest to almost the mouth


The range of the lizard buzzard extends south from the southern border of the Sahara Desert all the way to South Africa, with the bird frequently seen along coastlines and near wooded regions.


Although lizards and other small reptiles make up part of its diet, the lizard buzzard will also eat insects, rodents, smallish mammals, and even other birds.


Lizard buzzards are known to mate for life and build their nests in trees or shrubs where the female then lays from one to three eggs which are white.


There are an estimated 4 million lizard buzzards living on the African continent, and the species appears to be in no imminent danger of becoming threatened.

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