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  • Information on Fisher Cats

    Information on Fisher Cats
    Fisher cats are a member of the weasel family and are cunning predators of northern coniferous forests. Fisher cats are at home on the ground or in a tree and although the species was reduced in number greatly by trapping, it has rebounded in states such as New Hampshire and Connecticut.


    The fisher cat is not a part of the cat family despite its name, nor does it eat fish on a regular basis. It is believed that early French settlers gave it this confusing name.


    The male fisher can grow as long as 36 inches and weigh as much as 14 pounds while the female are only about one third of the male's size.


    The fur of the fisher is typically a dark brown color with the shoulders, head and face usually of a lighter shade.


    Fishers are capable of killing and eating animals as large as raccoons, martens, snowshoe hares and bobcat kittens. Smaller mammals like mice and voles are also part of their menu.


    The fisher inhabits the coniferous forests, cedar swamps and woodlands of most of New England into southern Canada and westward all the way to southeastern Alaska.

    Expert Insight

    The fisher is one of the few predators that can kill and then devour a porcupine, getting around its defensive quills by biting the animal on the face and the throat.

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