Bobwhite Quail Facts

Bobwhite Quail Facts
The bobwhite quail is a bird that resembles a smallish chicken in size and shape. It is a ground dwelling bird of the eastern United States that is hunted by sportsmen in many regions. Bobwhites live in forest clearings, fields and along the edges of woodlands.


The bobwhite quail is about seven inches in height, weighs around seven ounces and the male possesses a white stripe near the eye and a patch of white on the throat.


There are some 22 different bobwhite quail subspecies in the US and Mexico, with the males of these species varying much more than the females.


The bobwhite quail can be found in as many as 38 states in the US and in the South it is an important game bird for hunters.


The population of bobwhite quails has been reduced considerably in the last few decades as the habitat that it needs has been disappearing.

Expert Insight

The bobwhite quail garners its name from the call that it frequently makes which sounds as if the bird is saying "Bob-white, Bob-white."

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