Blue Bird Information

Blue Bird Information
There are three separate species of bluebirds in the United States. The eastern bluebird is the state bird of New York and Missouri and inhabits the eastern half of the United States. Mountain bluebirds live in the western half while western bluebirds are found in portions of the West.


Bluebirds dine on a variety of insects that they capture by swooping down from a nearby perch. Berries are also commonly eaten by these birds.


The male eastern bluebird has a reddish breast with a blue back while the females have a more grayish back with blue wings.


Other birds such as starlings and house sparrows caused a great decline in the eastern bluebird population in the 20th century by competing with them for nesting sites. Specially designed nest boxes erected by concerned landowners helped the birds to rebound.


The western bluebird, which like the other types is a member of the thrush family of birds, resides in forested areas, farmlands and in meadows.


The mountain bluebird, which is nearly all blue but a bit lighter than the other U.S. bluebirds, can withstand colder climates than its cousins can.

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