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    Robin Bird Information
    The American Robin is the largest member of the thrush family of birds living in North America. Commonly seen on lawns, the robin is considered a sure sign of springtime, although in many cold weather areas they actually never leave; they simply move into the deep woods for the winter.


    The colors of the robin are grayish-brown on the back, a rusty orange on the breast region, and a head that is darker than the rest of the body.



    Robins are found all across North America, inhabiting such diverse ecosystems as woodlands, meadows, urban areas, tundra and mountainous terrain.


    The female robin will usually construct her nest in the lower parts of a tree and lay between three to five light blue eggs in it up to three times a year.


    Earthworms are a large part of a robin's diet in warm weather, along with fruits and berries, especially in the fall and winter.

    Expert Insight

    Robins are frequently seen hopping on the ground and then stopping to stare; scientists think they are carefully watching for any sign of worms digging.


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