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  • Advantages of Ecotourism

    Advantages of Ecotourism
    Ecotourism refers to a wide range of travel opportunities that give people the opportunity to learn about the natural environment and other cultures without harming the environment.

    Environmental Protection

    When done correctly, ecotourism protects the existing natural environment from development, such as deforestation.

    Increased Awareness

    As people participate in ecotourism and learn about the value of protecting the environment, the awareness of environmental issues increases.

    Local Viability

    By engaging in ecotourism, localities have an economically viable option for revenue, replacing environmentally damaging activities like logging and cutting down the forests for ranching.

    National Park Funding

    The potential tax revenue generated by ecotourism can fund national preservation efforts, including national parks and wildlife areas.


    True ecotourism involves activities that can be practiced continuously without destroying the environment so that future generations can enjoy the same trips.

    Article Written By Mark Kennan

    Mark Kennan is a freelance writer specializing in finance-related articles. He has worked as a sports editor for "Ring-Tum Phi" and published articles on a number of online outlets. Kennan holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and politics from Washington and Lee University.

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