The Effects of Ecotourism

The Effects of Ecotourism
Ecotourism is a new kind of vacation in which travelers seek to support the environment and local peoples while they travel. When booking travel accommodations and arrangements, ecotourists seek to support tourist industries that give back to the local area's physical lands and people. In doing so, ecotourism can have a positive effect on the environment and people of the world.

Local People

Ecotourists try to support local people in an area they visit. This might mean that they stay in hotels that employ mostly local residents, shop in areas that directly benefit local residents, or eat in locally owned restaurants.

Air Quality

Ecotourists seek alternatives to traditional airline flights. Since airplanes contribute to greenhouse gases that harm the environment, the International Ecotourism Society offers the following advice to ecotourists: "Plan your trip so that you minimize air travel, and choose, whenever possible, to stay longer in a destination instead of making many short trips."

Local Industry

Ecotourism supports local industry by creating travel destinations in areas where the local people can benefit from the tourism. By creating opportunities for local people to build tourist businesses, ecotourists can infuse local industries with new life.

Supporting Conservation Efforts

The fees associated with traveling to certain conservation sites can support the conservation efforts there. From entrance fees, dive fees, concessions and other site donations ecotourist locations can earn income from the tourists who travel there and then put that income directly back into the local conservation efforts.

Reducing Natural Threats

By creating guidelines for building tourist sites, ecotourism can support areas that support nature. When an ecotourist travels to a natural area, he can ensure that the travel sites he visits do not infringe upon the natural habitats in that area.

Article Written By Jessica Cook

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