What Are the Benefits of Swimming Goggles?

What Are the Benefits of Swimming Goggles?
Swim goggles are mainly used as a visual aid for swimming under water. They can also act as a protector against the water itself and harsh chemicals used to sanitize pools.

Chlorine resistance

According to scienceline.org, an overly chlorinated pool puts users at risk for chemical conjunctivitis, a swimming pool-induced type of pink eye. Itching, burning and stinging are some of its symptoms. Goggles keep this type of irritation at bay.

Visual aid

Wearing goggles eliminates the discomfort of opening your eyes under water. Goggles also help swimmers see where they are going. This helps when performing skilled moves such as flip turns. A swimmer needs to see the end of the pool to avoid smashing her head or feet into the wall.

Bacteria resistance

Goggles aid in keeping salt water out of your eyes. Freshwater bodies of water can harbor bacteria, pond scum and algae that can be harmful to your eyes and responsible for blurry vision after this type of swimming.

UV protection

Goggles that contain UV protection also protect eyes from the sun's rays. Sunburned eyes can cause long-term damage to your corneas. This is a hazard for lap swimmers who generally do multiple laps over long periods of time outside.


American Red Cross Swim Instructor Anne Carter advises children to not wear goggles during lessons. This can help in cases when children fall into water accidentally. Learning without goggles helps children know how to react if goggles are not nearby. "Panic tends to set if they can't see properly," Carter said.

Article Written By Caroline Carter

Caroline Carter is a freelance sports/health and fitness writer based in Alpharetta, Georgia. She worked for 15 years as a television/radio sports anchor/reporter in Canada. She covered many legendary sports franchises. Carter is also a licensed travel agent. She has a degree in broadcast journalism from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Canada.

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