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  • Interesting Facts About Big Bend National Park

    Interesting Facts About Big Bend National Park
    Big Bend National Park is located in located in Southwest Texas, far away from big cities. Open year-round, Big Bend boasts mountains, deserts and a river.

    Rio Grande RV Campground

    Rio Grande RV Village Campground offers the only hookups in all of Big Bend National Park. To stay in this campground, your RV must have running water and electrical hookups.

    Group Camping

    All group campsites are for tent camping only. The Rio Grande Village, Chisos Basin and Cottonwood Campgrounds all offer group camping.

    Background Camping

    Backcountry camping at Big Bend National Park requires the use of a permit. Permits are obtained via the Panther Junction visitor center. See the Resources section for more info on permits.

    Technical Climbs

    Although there are lots of rocks in Big Bend, it's not a good spot for technical climbs. Much of the rock in Big Bend National Park is unstable.

    River Camping

    One of the biggest attractions of Big Bend is the Rio Grande River, which flows for 118 miles in the park. If you aren't an experienced rafter, float the river between the canyons, where it's typically slower-paced.

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