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  • About Snowboard Travel Bags

    About Snowboard Travel Bags
    Snowboarding can be an expensive hobby, and when you are not on the mountain you will want to protect and take care of your board. A snowboard travel bag not only provides protection, but also makes it a lot easier to transport the snowboard.


    Most snowboard bags feature one large compartment for the snowboard that zips closed. Some have additional small compartments attached to the side that can hold wax, snow gear or other accessories, such as goggles.


    Purchasing a wheeled snowboard bag makes it easier to move and provides less stress on your muscles and your back. This also enables you to hold other things like a helmet or boots.


    A snowboard travel bag is perfect for going on an airplane or bus. Padded bags provide extra protection and the extra compartments could make it the only bag you need to carry on the trip.

    Hard Cases

    More expensive snowboard bags feature a hard outer shell. This guarantees that any damage caused to the bag will only damage the outer casing. This will help extend the life of your snowboard.


    The standard snowboarding travel bag is black, but there are many other styles that you can choose from. Companies like Burton, DAKINE, Transpack and K2 all provide multiple styles of snowboarding bags.

    Article Written By Alan Donahue

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