About the Grand Canyon in Arizona

About the Grand Canyon in Arizona
One of the world's most well-known natural wonders is the Grand Canyon. Located in Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park encompasses more than 1.2 million acres and is known for its geological formations. The canyon reaches a depth of 6,000 feet and is 15 miles across at its widest point. It receives nearly five million guests each year and provides visitors with many different activities.


One of the easiest ways to view the nature of the Grand Canyon is through hiking. Guests are not recommended to hike from the top to the bottom in a day, but you can take a mule or hire a professional guide.



An easy way to enjoy the natural views is by flying overhead in a small jet or a helicopter. These guided tours also provide a lot of information about the Grand Canyon and many of the helicopters can fly right in between the canyon walls.


The Coconino Canyon Train offers a 90-minute trip on 1800s era train tracks through Grand Canyon National Park. This is a nostalgic way to travel through the area and will bring you closer to the canyon than many of the roads that surround it.


There are campgrounds all around the canyon, mostly around the outer rim. You need a permit to camp on your own, but camping at an official campsite will provide more safety and information about the canyon.

Extreme Sports

The Grand Canyon is also host to a collection of extreme sports. Guests can whitewater raft, take a boat trip or visit the Skywalk. The Skywalk actually hangs out over the canyon edge and provides a spectacular view below.


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