What Are the Benefits of Bicycle Shorts?

What Are the Benefits of Bicycle Shorts?
Skin-tight cycling shorts can be daunting for new riders, who often start riding in a pair of gym shorts or workout pants. While loose-fitting clothing seems more modest and comfortable, enthusiastic cyclists quickly find that padded cycling shorts offer far more comfort, performance and protection than nonspecific clothing.

Perineal Protection

The perineum is the area on the lower part of the pelvis that receives most of the pressure from a bicycle's saddle. Cycling shorts have pads, or chamois, designed to distribute pressure in this area to maintain blood flow and provide support to sensitive tissues.


Wicking and Skin Protection

The skin-tight synthetic fibers in cycling shorts offer superior moisture management and chafing protection.

Muscle Compression

Many cycling shorts are designed to provide muscle compression that acts much like compression suits in other sports. The support offered by the garment allows muscles to reach peak performance with less fatigue.


Because cycling shorts are stretchable and use no excess fabric, there is very little movement restriction to the cyclist.

Wind Profile

Although mountain biking shorts offer the advantages of tight padded shorts with a modest outer shell, skin-tight shorts offer road riders and racers improved aerodynamic performance, making riding slightly less tiring over long distances.


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