About Edible Wild Plants in Arizona

AmaranthIf you are hiking or camping in the Arizona wilderness, chances are, you are in some kind of desert condition. This may sound like it would be limiting in terms of finding wild plants that you can consume if you need to, but that's not the case. There are hundreds of edible plants in the state, and many of them grow in the desert. Pine forests abound as well in Arizona, where other edible plants grow.



The saguaro cactus is a prolific plant in Arizona, the flower of which is actually the state flower. It also grows three-inch green fruit with a red pulpy center that has been eaten by Native Americans and wilderness survivalists for hundreds of years.

Green Amaranth (pictured top)

Green amaranth is also known as wild beet and is found growing in the forested regions of Arizona. It is a leafy green that can be boiled or simply eaten for a quick boost of nutrients.


Chuparosa is a shrub plant that is characterized by its red flowers, which have thin petals. These flowers are edible and found in some desert climates in Arizona and forests there.

Desert Lily

The desert lily is a flower found, as the name suggests, in the desert. The flowers of this plant can either be boiled or roasted over a fire for best eating.

Desert Lavender

Desert lavender is a small flowering plant. The flowers can be eaten, though the seeds are really the best part and can be roasted or eaten raw.

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