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  • About Edible Wild Plants of Louisiana

    Louisana is home to hundreds of species of edible plants. Many of these plants make their homes in both urban and rural areas. You just have to know where to look. (Pictured below: Persimmons)
    About Edible Wild Plants of Louisiana

    Sow Thistle

    Sow thistle is a popular edible weed that is found throughout New Orleans. Sow thistle is typically cooked and seasoned like boiled greens.


    Chickweed is another plant that likes to take up residence with other potted plants. It also can be found growing out of cracks in sidewalks. Chickweed is often eaten raw in salads.


    Broad Leaf Plantain

    Another wild plant, broad leaf plantain can often be found near natural or artificial water sources. In urban areas, this plant grows near water hoses that are left on or that have leaks. Broad leaf plantain is traditionally served stuffed (similar to grape leaves).


    One of the most common edible wild plants in Louisiana is clover. Clover can be eaten raw or cooked and is a good source of vitamins A and C. Clover can be found growing almost anywhere from lawns to potted plants and open fields.


    Purslane is often found growing between the cracks of sidewalks and other paved areas. It can also be found in rocky places. Pursulane is traditionally served raw as a salad green.


    Persimmons (pictured at top)

    Wild persimmons are found throughout Louisiana. The small apricot-shaped fruit is delicious when eaten raw or cooked. The leaves of the persimmon tree are also edible.


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