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  • Is a Pressurized SCUBA Tank Dangerous?

    Is a Pressurized SCUBA Tank Dangerous?
    Scuba tanks contain highly pressurized oxygen. Under normal conditions with careful use, they are very safe, and provide a way for divers to explore underwater sites for hours without surfacing.


    Pressurized scuba tanks require careful inspection for dents and creases. Visual inspection also includes looking for corrosion that weakens metal.


    A scuba tank must have routine tests for the ability to hold air. A hydrostatic test can also alert you to small holes or leaks in a pressure tank. Test a tank before any refill.


    Never expose a scuba, or any other oxygen tank, to temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit).


    Another common cause of pressurized scuba tank explosion is collision. Always secure your scuba tank to a vehicle when in transport and make sure there is nothing in the vicinity that can break free and hit or puncture the canister.


    The temperatures that cause explosions are extremely hot and abusive care is required to cause that kind of trouble. Keep your scuba tanks in good condition, secure them tight when transporting either in car or on a boat, and inspect them regularly and they are very safe to use.

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