About Kings Canyon

About Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon is a national park that shares much of its ecology with Sequoia National Park, located just to its south. It is a popular park with plenty to do, and people from across the country and all over the world visit here to camp, hike or take part in other outdoor activities.


The park is located just east of Fresno, California, in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. It is composed of 462,901 acres of conifer forests and similar areas.


Sequoias are some of the largest trees in the world and there are two protected groves of them in Kings Canyon. They are the General Grant Grove and the Redwood Mountain Grove.


Various campgrounds are located throughout the Kings Canyon, making it a popular summer destination before the winter chill hits. For backcountry camping, Cloud Canyon is where most visitors go.


Kings Canyon was created by ancient glaciers that moved through the area millions of years ago. As an impressive geological formation and an important rove for sequoia trees, it was developed into a national park on March 4, 1940.


King's Canyon itself is regarded as one of the deepest canyons in the United States. At its deepest point, it measures 8,200 feet.

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