Purpose of a Dive Flag

Purpose of a Dive Flag
Diving is a great way to explore a completely new world under the water. All boaters should know the types of diver down flag required and how to use them.


Diver down flags came into existence in 1957.

What They Do

A diver down flag shows other boats in the water what areas to avoid because there are swimmers or divers around a boat.


Diver down flags come in two types: a traditional diver down flag that is square with red on a white background pattern, and an alpha dive flag, that has a rectangular shape with a pattern that is blue on white.


Each state has its own laws although most require the use of a diver flag. Some states require only one of the flags and some require both. It is up to the boater to know the laws of the state where they are boating.


The method of using a dive flag depends if you are diving from a boat, the beach or using a buoy to anchor the flag. You must lower a dive flag when divers come out of the water.

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