What Are the Parts of Scuba Diving Equipment?

What Are the Parts of Scuba Diving Equipment?
Scuba diving gear consists of comfort, utility, and life support devices. As beautiful as the underwater world is, it is as alien an atmosphere as you can find on Earth. The parts of your scuba outfit allow you to exist in this world.


Your wetsuit is an environment all its own. It keeps you at safe temperatures in many types of water. Specific types of wetsuits are best for particular temperatures, however, and having the right one is vital.


Masks help you see without irritating your eyes. Gloves protect your hands from sharp rocks and harsh sand or gravel. Scuba booties or fins propel you through the water with ease. Weight belts help you stay submerged. Snorkels let you skim the water surface and look below without needing a heavy air tank.

Life Support

Scuba tanks are usually made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum is lightweight and avoids rust. However, steel is more durable as long as you protect it from corrosion.


Underwater navigation requires waterproof and pressure-proof devices such as compasses or even GPS.


Spear guns protect you from dangerous predators like sharks. Another more advanced repellent is the SharkPOD that puts up an electrical barrier.

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