Is Swimming a Good Exercise?

Is Swimming a Good Exercise?
Whether in a lake, river, ocean or pool, swimming, is good exercise that works all of the muscle groups. Swimming can be done in water almost anywhere by people at any age or any stage of fitness.

Think About It

All of us experienced our first exercise and development in a "water world".

Low Impact

Swimming is the ultimate low-impact water sport. People with joint, muscle, cardio-respiratory problems, or those who are rehabilitating from injuries, are able to work out without the jarring experienced in walking, running or jumping.


Add the elements of swimming, treading water vigorously, water polo or even running in the ocean to your good time in the water and you have aerobic exercise that is easy on the joints, but will increase your cardiovascular fitness.


Although water naturally has more resistance than air, you can help improve your endurance and build your muscle strength when you add resistance tools to your swimming.

Total Impact

Swimming is a form of recreation that is good exercise, can be done in almost any body of water and can be as fun as you make it.

Article Written By Donna Yost

In beautiful Bandon-By-the-Sea, Oregon, Donna Yost finds inspiration to write to a variety of topics. Yost holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Willamette University and an EdM in adult education from Oregon State University. In the last 5 years Yost has written health fitness articles for “”, “”, as well as inspirational articles for “Faith Writers” .

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