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  • Trout Fishing in Massachusetts

    Trout Fishing in Massachusetts
    Trout are a popular species with Massachusetts anglers. This game fish provides exciting action across the Bay State in freshwater venues such as lakes, streams and brooks.


    The main trout species in Massachusetts are the rainbow, brown, lake and brook trout.

    Lakes and Reservoirs

    Anglers pursue trout in such Massachusetts lakes and reservoirs such as the Quabbin Reservoir in the western portion of the state and Lake Chaubunagungamaug, a 1,400-acre lake also called Webster Lake in the southern part of Massachusetts near the Connecticut-Rhode Island border.

    Trout Creel Limits

    The trout open season runs year-round in Massachusetts ponds, lakes and its major river systems but smaller rivers and brooks have seasons based on creel limits. Anglers fishing in smaller streams may keep as many as eight trout from April through the middle of September but only three from mid-September through the end of March.

    Lake Trout

    Any lake trout that an angler keeps from the Quabbin Reservoir has to meet the Massachusetts regulation for a 20-inch minimum length. The state record lake trout came from Quabbin in 2004: a specimen that weighed 24 lbs.

    Trophy Trout

    The state of Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife awards anglers who catch trout that meet certain trophy requirements with a bronze pin acknowledging their accomplishment. Brook trout must be at least 2 pounds to qualify, brown trout must be 4 pounds, rainbow trout 3 pounds and lake trout must be at least 7 pounds.

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