British Bird Identification

British Bird Identification
According to the British Ornithologists' Union's "British List," 588 species of birds have occurred in Great Britain as of October 2009, permanently, seasonally or temporarily in migration.


Birders identify species by sight and sound. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds suggests focusing on the size, shape and color of a bird as well as the habitat in which it is found. Take notes on distinguishing field marks and compare them to photographs or drawings in field guides.


Field Guides

Books on bird identification, known as field guides, are designed to be carried easily on outdoor birding excursions. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds publishes several field guides, from general guides to books focusing on backyard bird species.

Audio Identification

Ornithologists record bird sounds in the wild and compile them in digital audio format. Use compact discs playable by species to verify sounds heard in the field.

Online Identification

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds' website hosts an interactive online British bird identifier featuring 259 of the most prominent species in Great Britain.

Bird Clubs

Novice birders find mentors in bird clubs. British bird clubs range from neighborhood to national organizations.


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