California Fish & Game Enforcement Penalties

California Fish and Game EnforcementCalifornia's Department of Fish and Game issues booklets every year that identify the laws regarding hunting and fishing in the state and the penalties for breaking those laws.

Deer Hunting

Someone that violates one of California's laws regarding deer hunting risks forfeiting his current tags and having no tags issued to him for the next hunting season.


Fishing Without License

Fishing without being able to show a license will incur an angler a $100 fine, but the fine is lowered to $25 if he can produce proof of having a valid license in court.

Specific Fines

The state designates base fines for specific offenses related to hunting and fishing. For example, someone in possession of undersized fish faces a $250 fine for each fish that does not meet the state's size regulations for that particular species.

Heavy Fines

There are steep fines involved in instances involving endangered animals. The possession of a protected species, for example, carries a fine of $5,000.

Tip Line

California has a tip line that outdoorsmen can call to turn in people who are poaching, polluting the environment or transporting illegal non-native species within the state.


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